Organization Structure


 KARMI is a community based voluntary organisation and its structure and management based on manage by the target people. In management structure of KARMI,The Secretary of KARMI is the ex-officio member of the Governing Body and also in charges of empowerd by the body to  independently discharge their defined responsibility with accountability to the board. The Secretary is the chief executive officer and the programme coordinators are incharge of specific programme. The project coordinators of each project are the in charge of that project and taken the responsibility of programme implementation and management of the project administration. The Field Executives and Field coordinators have taken the responsibility of field excution, monitoring and accountable thier programmes. The organization have a Ten years Perspective Plan and as per the aim target and available projects  we prepare Annual Action plan dividing it to four quarterly plans further divided it to monthly action plan in cluster basic and date wise action plan prepared by each staff. The programme in charge look after the execution of his programme and planed activities and took the responsibility of monitoring and administrative management. In each last day of the month monthly meeting has been conducted to report of his own programme to the chief functionary by venue presentation and written documents.

KARMI structure is basically build upon the strong foundation, keeping people and village as the center and the focus problem identification, planning process, the appraisal or resources, the implementation monitoring and evolution and above the accountability start reflection to his her won village and neighbors villages, facilitate the decision making of the village committee or village level organization. KARMI operating its activities in four projects area as Golamunda, M.Rampur and Narla Block of Kalahandi district. Boden block of Nuapada district, Titilagarh block of Bolangir District, and Tumudibandh Block of Kandhamal District. The Head office of KARMI is situated at Mahaling (Kadobhata) in Golamunda Block of Kalahandi district and 3 project offices at Nunpur for M. Rampur and Narla block, Boden for Boden block of Nuapada district, Tarasinga of Titilagarh block. The project coordinators are in-charge of Block/project having 2 to 5 field coordinators. All the field coordinators having three to seven animators There are tow programme coordinators with the responsibility to handle the project with assistance of project coordinator and animators and other technical staffs. The secretary KARMI is in charge of over all programmers and legally responsible for the management of the organization and also legally responsible for the arrangement of the society and has a lot of constitutional responsibility to execution of programme, report and utilization certificates.