Education & Awareness


KARMI strives to promote and Catalyze universal primary education among children from underprivileged section of society. The aim being that education should lead to change not only in the amount of knowledge gained but also in the abilities to do, to think and to acquire habits, skills and attitude which characterize an individual to socially accepted and adjusted. The universalization education includes universal enrolment knowledge on reading, writing and arithmetic.The organization believes that quality Education is key to overcoming poverty in a single generation and it is also fundamental to creating a future for human security, community development and national progress.



      • Universalisation of primary education in remote tribal areas with total enrolment.
      • Build up public pressure and necessary support for quality education and its effective delivery.
      • Mobilise and use local resources, skills, and knowledge in developing a viable alternative model for education in tribal areas.
      • Develop a viable model of education in tribal areas to fit with their culture and tradition.
      • Provide the necessary inputs for a people-centered and sustainable development through ensuring access to basic education for all.


Qualitative Tribal Education

The education programme has remained the focus and mainstay of all the activities undertaken by KARMI. It has been firm believes that the right kind of education can able to build the character of the individuals and development combines educational inputs along with the economic development of the community. We have made systematic efforts for enabling primary age group children access education in terms of literary numeric and other basic skills. KARMI has undertaken different kind of education programme to ensure quality in education the inaccessible tribal pocket of its operational area. The main motive of the programme is to develop the quality of primary and elementary education as well provides education impunity where opportunity where there is no school or having Govt. school but not running perfectly. In this programme, KARMI insets the regularize and full school attendance, value-added education, participation and cooperation from villagers, teachers and guardians. The teachers are encouraged to refer to the formal school syllabus, in so far as it facilitates the learning process but apart from not prescribing fixed timing for completion of the syllabus, additional material relating to the life situation of the tribal people is provided for the classic. By this programme, we included children’s festivals, exposure trips, and organised sports and games.

Women Literacy and Library progrmme

KARMI undertakes the Total Women Literacy programme since 2005 with the collaboration of National Literacy Mission to educate the women and girls in the age group of 15 to 35 years. Creating interest in learning, sensitizing the educated people to involve in the programme and devote themselves in teaching to the target women. Our organisaation  undertakes the programme since than and continue the programme by our own initiative. KARMI has been continuing a Regional library with support of Raja Ram Mohan Ray Library Foundation, Department of culture Govt. of Orissa. Where 30789 books have been store and library facility has been provided to the people of our operational area. We also frequently visited the centers, collect in formations and providing study materials, books, news paper and continue the process of education among the new literate men women and youths.

Universilise the Primary and Secondary education

By this programme KARMI undertaken activities for universilisation of Primary and secondary education with collaboration with government through strengthen the Village Education committee by providing training and capacity building. Awareness the guardians and students to check dropout, and regularize the non-goers. By undertaking the innovative Balbadi program with support of National Education Group, New Delhi, we able to create the opportunity of learning and provide Badbadi facility to the children of small and marginal farmers agricultural labor, daily wage earners to linking the children in the centers. The teaching quality also coping with the present system of education and joyful learning.

Vocational Education and Training

For make a sustainable livelihood among the tribal and rural youth, women KARMI  promote vocational training with  support of  TATA TRUST  to creating young para-professionals with sufficient knowledge and skill on agriculture, small business, vocational trades, training like driving, Masson, house wiring etc for sustainable livelihood among the tribal and rural youth, women as well small and marginal farmers who are the seasonal migrants.