Women Empowerment


KARMI is trying to advance Gender justice by adoptin the suitable strategy on women empowerment as well advocacy on women issues and rights. To ensure gender Justice, made definite interventions both at organization and community level & creating a gender friendly environment. Efforts are continue on women issue and women literacy as well education of girl child. Ensured women representation in panchyat raj system and women related activities. Formation of women organizations in village, GP and block levels to empower them in socially, economically, culturally and self sufficiency by them self in all respects. KARMI also undertakes promotion of women through formation of self help groups and linkage with financial institutes and provide vocational trades, market linkage and enhance the income of the women. Legal aids and advocacy on women issues and through awareness and development of literatures, leaflets, pamphlets depicting the position and rights of women. Acts and policies related with women rights are studies at resource team level and the same are shared with the project staff for gender mainstreaming across programs and activities. Furthermore, leaflets on women-specific Govt. schemes & provisions have been developed and distributed among the people. Legal aid camps organized in all project locations to deal with cases of violation of women rights.


More women organizations formed and creations of Women Leadership in different institutions and at village, panchyat level, promotion of self-help groups and leadership and trained and empower the panchayat raj representatives and strength the local governance system.

Women literacy and awareness increased in a massive way through women literacy programme and library at Panchyat and village level.

Sustainability of the organizational effort through its Transformation into community led initiatives.
Develop a better networking of women to solve their problems by them self

As a step towards eradication of girl child bias through counseling and motivation at the individual and community levels have been under taken and increased girl child attendance in formal schools.

Considering the quality of women’s readership as important as their existence, women leaders have been promoted so as to bring gender equity, human rights as women rights, as a result more women are coming up as leaders when persuaded rotational leadership system.

Most of the social issues deep rooted in the “tradition” and otherwise have been successfully addressed by the women groups where men do not dare to venture.

Likewise in the economic front be it the matter of wage rate or it the price of minor forest produces, the women lead the movement to establish their rights.

So far as political empowerment is concerned, women have taken this as a challenge and proved it by placing themselves in the leadership positions in the PRIs and other local bodies.

Periodic gender scanning is done at organization level in order to identify problems and issues. Identified institutional constraints and opportunities for implementing gender oriented projects.