Sl no. Name Job Title Qualification Narture of Responsibility Experience in NGO
1 Mr. Abhimanyu Rana
Secretary M.A. LLB, PGDRD Over all responsibility 24 Years
2 Mr .Kubera Budek
Programme Co-ordinator M.A.,Diploma in Aurbadic Medicine Project Management 22 years.
3 Mr. Fagnu Rana
Project Coordinator BCA Project Management and Monitoring 15 years
4 Mr. Kaurnakara Bhoi
Field Coordinator HSC Project Management 20 years
5 Mr. Kishor ku Singh
Field Coordinator Coordinator B.A Project Management 20 years
6 Ms. Manisha Rana
Gendre Coordinaotr M.A Gender Coordinator 5 years
7 Mr. Sunil Chatria
Field Coordinator B.A Field promotion 10 years
8 Mr. Dharmu Tandi
Programme coordinator M.A Documentation 12 years
9 Mr. Bholamani Bag
Field Coordinator B.A Social Bank Accounting 12 years
10 Ms. Kumudini Sahu
Field Coordinator B.A Field monitoring 6 years
11 Mr.Indramani Bag
Field Coordinator HSC Field monitoring 9 years
12 Mrs. Bikasini Dash
Cluster Mobiliser HSC Field monitoring 6 years
13 Mr. Hitesh Biswal
Accountant B.COM Accounting and Office management 12 years
14 Mr. Gopal Naik
Office Assistant + 2 Arts Record keeping and office work 3 years